This is a faster version of the classic dumplings that many of us love Gluten intolerant friendly, it is a nice alternative and is even better as a summer dish, that could be served with some soy sauce or with a mix of soy sauce and vinegar.

Egg dumplings

Egg Dumplings


50 gr. pork (choose a meat with a little fat)

10 gr. black fungus or any kind of mushrooms

10 gr. carrots

Spring onions (few pieces)

4 eggs

Cooking oil

Sesame oil

White pepper


Oyster sauce

Chicken stock (dried)


Finely chop the meat until it is like ground meat

Mince all the vegetables and mix them with the pork (you can use any kind of meat and any kind of greens)

Season the filling with 1 tsp cooking oil, a few drops of sesame oil, a little white pepper, ¼ tsp salt, 1 tsp oyster sauce, ½ tsp chicken stock

Beat the eggs in a bowl and keep them ready to use

Cooking method

PuthHalf a tablespoon of cooking oil in a wok over a low heat, once the oil smokes a little bit put in two tablespoons of the beaten egg to make the wrap, after a few seconds add the filling and roll the wrap from the top

Tips: do it with a low heat, or the egg will cook too fast. After a few dumplings check with some cooking paper to ensure the oil has not turned black. If it has, clean the wok with paper and add new oil.

Put all the egg dumplings back into the wok, add some water to half cover them, season the dish with a pinch of salt and some soy sauce (we suggest you to be careful adding it, or it could turn out too salty). Cook around 3 minutes with a high heat.

Sprinkle some white pepper around the dumplings and then serve.

All rights reserved – These recipes are intellectual property of Linda Liang and cannot be reproduced without her consent nor for profit

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