Why Chinese people order a lot of food on the table ?

Not only one western people ask me this same question . As the Chinese traditional way , when we invite friends or relations eat at the restaurant , we will order more food for respecting people , if you are eating on this table , it’s better not finish all the food , that’s for polite , if you eat all the food means food are not enough , leave a little food on the table , that means food are very good and more than enough ! Now more and more people take a doggy bag , not left a lot of food on the table anymore !


Beer Fish

Beer Fish is a Yangshuo favourite and you can try it in many restaurants in Yangshuo. We recommend you order it at Cloud 9 of course. If you are further away, this recipe will remind you of your Yangshuo holiday.

Beer Fish

Beer Fish


1 kg of fresh fish cut into small portions, any white fish can be used

Vegetable oil for cooking

Pinch of salt

2 tomatoes cut into big pieces

6 pickled red chilli, cut into pieces

1 red bell pepper (capsicum) and 2 green bell peppers cut into triangles

10 grammes garlic leaves cut into 2 inch pieces

10 grammes celery cut into 2 inch pieces

3 cloves garlic and 1 small piece of ginger cut into small pieces

Spring onions cut into 3cm strips

Oyster sauce

Soy sauce

Corn starch mixed with a little water

Pinch of sugar

White pepper

Sesame oil.

1 bottle of beer.


Heat the wok, once smoking add 4 tablespoons of cold oil and add a pinch of salt, turn down to medium heat and add the fish, cook on one side until golden.

Put the garlic, ginger and pickled chili, on top of the fish in the wok, then turn the fish over.

Put the celery, peppers and garlic around the fish.

Add enough beer to half cover the fish, season with a pinch of sugar, 3 tsp oyster sauce, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 tsp of chicken stock.

Turn the heat to low and cook for about 3 minutes then add the tomatoes

Put in the corn starch to thicken the sauce.

Finish with spring onions, white pepper and sesame oil.


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Tofu with Mushrooms

This is a great vegetarian dish.

mushroom with Tofu[6692]


200g tender Tofu, cut into small triangles

50g mushrooms cut into triangles

1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper and 1 tomato, deseeded and cut into triangles

2 pieces spring onion cut into one inch long pieces

2 cloves garlic thinly sliced

Vegetable Oil

Pinch of salt

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

White pepper

Corn starch mixed with water


Heat the wok until it smokes, add in 3 spoons of cold oil and a pinch of salt.

Add in the Tofu and cook until brown, remove from wok and put it aside

Turn the heat to low and fry the garlic gently, add in mushrooms and pepper and turn the heat to high and stir fry. After 3 minutes add the tomatoes.

Cover the vegetables with water, then add 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp soy sauce.

Return the Tofu to the wok, then cook on low heat until most of the liquid has gone.

Put in the spring onion, a little sesame oil and a dash of white pepper, thicken the sauce with the corn starch, cook for a further minute, then serve.

All rights reserved – These recipes are intellectual property of Linda Liang and cannot be reproduced without her consent nor for profit


Noodles with Vegetables

“Peace will come to the world when the people have enough noodles to eat.”

Momofuku Ando

An easy and fast lunch , useful on a busy day.

Chinese people eat this dish mainly at breakfast time, and it is a perfect way to begin a lazy Sunday morning.

Noodles are used in many ways, and every season. They are fried, served inside a soup, they can be hot, cold, spicy or not, and can be rice noodles or soy one. You would be amazed by how many noodles types you can find and all the ways everybody can cook them. Because yes, this is a dish for really everybody.


100 gr. noodles

20 gr. carrots

50 gr. of green vegetables

2 cloves garlic

2 pieces spring onions



Oyster sauce

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

White pepper

Preparation method

Soak the noodles in hot water to soften them, and then directly cool them with cold water. Cut all the vegetables into small pieces (5cm long)

Finely slice the garlic and cut spring onions into 3cm long pieces

Cooking method

  1. Heat 2 tbsp oil and with low heat stir fry the garlic first, then add all the vegetables. Stir with 1 tsp of salt.
  2. Add noodles and season with 1 tbsp of oyster sauce, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, then stir and mix with the vegetables
  3. Sprinkle with the spring onions, some white pepper and a few drops of sesame oil
All rights reserved – These recipes are intellectual property of Linda Liang and cannot be reproduced without her consent nor for profit

A serious addiction: lotus roots

Rich of vitamin C, is used as a vegetable in soups or could be braised, deep fried or stir fried.

Here in China we call it a “cooling food” and is consumed for its properties to restore balance in the body.

Is in season in the fall and if you cook it highlighting its cruchy texture, you’ll get a serious addiction for lotus roots!!